This is my now page where I write a bit about what I’m currently up to, both professionally and personally.

Tula Studio

Transitioning my freelancing business into a digital agency. It has a name, website and office. Even business cards. The work and clients remain the same, but having it more formalized makes for more exciting future prospects.

Learning Italian

My wife is from Italy and it’s time to learn the langauge. I would like to fit in better when we’re there, have conversations with my future mother-in-law and eventually retire in Italy. After some time on Duolingo I’m now taking weekly classes. There is a lot to learn, but spending time in Italy is a big advantage.


During my time working from home I have been getting into lacto-fermenation, which is a lovely low-effort hobby. Blueberries, chili peppers, plums, potatoes, cabbage, mustard seeds, pineapple, mango, grapes, bananas and carrots have all occupied the fermentation jars. I’d recommend The Art of Fermentation for a great overview and The Noma Guide to Fermentation for inspiration and ideas.

Music Production

As music is a big interest of mine, I have long wanted to learn how the sausage gets made. After creating a drum machine with the Web Audio API I started reading up on music theory. I already know a bit about Ableton Live since before but need to learn a lot more to put things together.